Communicable Disease Program

Diseases like hepatitis, measles, salmonella, tuberculosis, brucellosis, rabies, meningitis (and many more) are reported to our agency. We provide follow-up on contacts (family, friends) of these patients and provide some services for the patients themselves.


The health department provides tuberculosis skin testing and conducts routine and follow up checkups on active cases of TB. Anti TB medications can be obtained through the Missouri Department of Health with a doctors' prescription. TB skin tests are performed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

STD/HIV Testing

The health department offers screening for gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. Treatment and education programs are available. HIV (AIDS) screening is done with pre and post counseling. The department works directly with local physicians and the Missouri Department of Health to prevent serious medical problems and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. This program is completely free and confidential.

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